Venturing Deeper Online

The digital attention span is shrinking to the size of a status update.

Self-expression on the internet is not an easy thing. As a corollary, neither is socialization. No matter how many words and emoticons we use, nothing will ever replace the ultimate bandwidth of face-to-face. Those who are physically present with each other are able to use body language and sometimes touch, able to use tones of voice and sometimes silence.

In twenty-one years of life, I have worked with and lived beside many fantastic people. There is that desire to stay connected after we part ways, and the marvel of the 21st century is that we can.

Kind of.

Facebook and Twitter claim to be free. The better word would be cheap. Because these services take our time and our labor to provide us benefit, they still come with some sort of cost.

Nevertheless there is not a lot of depth in social media. Trying to hold an intelligent conversation online is like talking to a bumper sticker.

With this project, I am venturing deeper online, to find that sense of significance that is sparse in the Web 2.0 world. I have not a clue how long this WordPress experiment will last, or even if I am up to the challenge. Crafting a post like this takes about a hundred times more elbow grease than a status update.

To be clear, this platform is only a small improvement upon the status update. I’m not writing a book. That will probably have to wait many more decades, if books are still around then.

This still is, in my opinion, a worthwhile step against the tendency of the internet to prefer the most efficient, streamlined and compressed methods of self-expression. All the while keeping true to the original promise of the world-wide web to communicate and connect across the globe.

Thank you for your attention.

Venturing Deeper Online

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