The Biggest Words I Know

My entire sophomore year, I think I turned in about a dozen pages of written assignments.”Hey, college ain’t so bad!”

My junior year, finished not even a week ago, put me up against what I estimate to be near one-hundred-twenty pages, or about ten times as many. These past few months, Microsoft Word seemed to be taunting me.

One of the more interesting projects spanned both semesters. In preparation for the trip to India (which was a success, by the way) I choose to write my Political Theologies term paper on Dalit Theology – a liberation theology produced by the untouchables of India. The extra passion that goes into writing something that one finds relevant helped make a pretty decent paper. It got recommended for the Undergraduate Research Symposium at North Park University – a rather important sounding excuse for students to dress up and play professor. I donned the dress shirt, tie and laser pointer and took on the challenge, armed with a sleek powerpoint and the biggest words I knew how to use without making a fool of myself (e.g. “hermeneutic”, “identity politics”, “consciousness raising”, “postmodern”)

I could blog about the inorganic weirdness that comes with trying to communicate big ideas in a stuffy academic setting, but I think my mind is still processing that feeling. In the meantime, a small number of people have been asking for a copy of the presentation/paper. If you are one of these people (I am flattered), the link is here: Engaging Modern and Postmodern Approaches to Dalit Theology

Now that I think about it, this blog could use some more personal reflections from the India trip. Expect those shortly.

The Biggest Words I Know

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Words I Know

  1. Johnny Kim says:

    Amazing work, Kaleb! This must have taken so much time, effort, and careful research. I applaud you for being such a diligent worker and studious learner! It is very encouraging and uplifting for me, as I am currently in that stage of “Hey, college ain’t so bad!”. Nevertheless, I hope you have a great summer break. I will certainly keep you in my prayers, for I understand how debilitating the work at camp can be. I shall see you next semester with a refreshed mind and open heart. I expect more intellectual conversations. =)

  2. […] I head up to Cascades Camp and Conference Center today for my third summer on staff, working as a S.A.L.T. (Servant and Leadership Training) Counselor for high school seniors. In essence, I’m teaching these kids for three-and-a-half weeks “how to do camp.” While mentally preparing (i.e., not packing) for such a task, I have pondered what makes camp tick, particularly Christian camp. What follows is what I have come up with, and in a tongue-in-cheek way, it reflects the fact that I have spent the year taking classes in contextualized theologies. […]

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