Byline bonanza

This July, the internets have put up a couple of articles attached to my name. Covenant World Relief, where I did an internship earlier this year, has put out a three-part series (give, advocate, pray) that I wrote directed towards high schoolers interested in partnering with the organization. Also, the Burnside Writers Collective has featured The Simple Thrill of Getting Wet, the second piece I have had published on the “Donald Miller-esque” Christian e-magazine this year (the other being The Virtue of Open-Mindedness).

These aren’t books or paid pieces, but for a 22-year-old college-grad trying to figure out the next stage of life, I can admit to being pretty stoked that people are willing to pay my scrambled thoughts some attention. We live in the information age and the last thing the world needs is more noise, and everytime I post thoughts online I am afraid noise is exactly what I am creating. So I am grateful, encouraged, every time someone thanks me for whatever I post up, even if in this season of personal transition it comes in irregular waves of downtime (no promises…but I think another wave is coming soon as my summer in Portland comes to a close…)

Stay awesome, everyone.

Byline bonanza

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