Bloggidy New Year

This is less a full-fledged blog post and more just a quick update for those you who happen to be clicking through on this wonderful-close-of-2012 afternoon.

First off, some of my reflections on New Year’s Resolutions were recently posted to the North Side Youth Collision blog. If you’re interested in such cross-postings, I spent some of my spare hours today making an index of those pieces “seen elsewhere” on the internet – 11 total for 2012.

Speaking of past posts, I figure today is a good day to draw attention to the piece on “Futurelust” with which I welcomed in 2012 and (according to the stats robot WordPress gave me) still is the most popular post I’ve ever written. In addition, before we Americans go off the fiscal cliff at midnight, I want to also highlight the second most popular piece of the year, “Blackberry Economy.”

I have really gotten to enjoy this blog project, especially these months after graduation, where I have been able to sink some significant energy into this thing. Thanks to all of you who have been reading and commenting and Facebook-liking and sending me nice notes. You all are my audience, you all are the reason I don’t keep these thoughts locked up in a Moleskine journal.

Happy New Year. Bring on 2013!

Bloggidy New Year

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