Me in my natural habitat.

Originally from Oregon and presently in Chicago, I am both a proud southpaw and a moderately dedicated runner, although I have yet to figure out how to use my left-handedness to any sort of competitive athletic advantage. By blood, I am one-hundred-percent, fifth-generation Swedish-American, which I find a little weird but mostly cool (jag kan prata en lite svenska, ja). My favorite holiday is New Year’s. My friends often like to introduce me as “the guy whose calf muscle is on Wikipedia.”

What drives me, however, is seeing people flourish. One of my great joys is mentoring people, especially people who are endeavoring to understand the 21st century world, especially people who are frustrated by their good intentions. Another great joy is taking part in creating spaces where people are free to realize their potential, spaces where people are free to realize that they are a part of something bigger than just themselves. I suppose, in a sense, this all is my niche of the Great Commission.

Today, that abstract vocational passion is playing itself out in specific, and surprisingly churchy, contexts. In Chicago, I currently head up an urban youth ministry program through Ravenswood Covenant Church. In addition, I serve Young Evangelicals for Climate Action as their campaigns/communications assistant and as a Steering Committee member, helping (a specific group of) people nationwide with a (horribly complex) social issue.

My resume has some footnotes as well: I also serve on the Long Road to Justice i-Team for the forthcoming CHIC 2015 youth conference, and I also currently hold a seat on the Board of Directors for Covenant Pilgrimage, the best seven-month discipleship journey you could ever imagine. In 2o12, I graduated from North Park University with a dual degree in Global Studies and Conflict Transformation.

I am blessed, if not at least privileged, to live this adventure. But with each adventure comes a surplus of thoughts, discoveries and guesses — which brings me to this blog.


Here’s a self-portrait, because a blog is self-published.

This blog is part of a life-long project of scouting out significance within our strange, beautiful, broken and interconnected world.

It is an impossible task to master, but a rich one to begin. That may be what draws me to it.

Every once and a while, when I feel like I might be on to something, I post my thoughts out here to test them, instead of letting them die between dusty journal pages. (Two reflective posts that delve deeper into my blogging experience include Venturing Deeper Online [Dec. 2010] and Four Unexpected Reasons Why Twenty-Somethings Should Consider Blogging [Jan. 2013].)

Please excuse me if my tone ever grows didactic, I am aware of this problem and honestly it is rooted within my own zeal for mentorship. But, since my other passion is for creating spaces, many of these posts are written not to “transfer knowledge” but to provoke thought, to create space for thinking (at least, that is the hope — please, hold me to this!).

Although there are some topics I return to from time to time, there really isn’t an overarching theme to this blog. I think there is value in naïveté just as there is in experience, and right now since I am still much too young to be an expert in anything I figure I might as well offer my fresh, innocent take on the world.

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